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Interesting items from around the web and in the real world.

  • 100 Topics
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Lifestyle Humor

  • 437 Topics
  • 697 Replies
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Lifestyle History

Post and read intersting facts about what we do and what was done in the past.

  • 17 Topics
  • 86 Replies
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BDSM Perceptions

How we see ourselves, and how the vanilla world around sees us

  • 84 Topics
  • 755 Replies
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Setting the Mood

Sights, sounds, props.....the ambience of the moment.

  • 18 Topics
  • 242 Replies
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What are limits? How do you establish them with your partner? How do you change things once they are agreed upon? This section is about negotiations, Contracts, Dom/sub Checklists, and more

  • 27 Topics
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Health and Safety Issues

Discussions on anything regarding general personal health or health and safety issues related to Lifestyle play.

  • 60 Topics
  • 406 Replies
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Tools of the Trade

Tips, techniques, and methods on how to use our favorite toys

  • 54 Topics
  • 356 Replies
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The Gift of Submission

What a submissive is....what a submissive isn't.

  • 27 Topics
  • 199 Replies
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The art of Domination

What is a Dominant and what qualities make Them a Master or Mistress?

  • 24 Topics
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topics about Women as TOPS

  • 9 Topics
  • 72 Replies
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Males as TOPS

  • 1 Topics
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Best of both worlds

  • 10 Topics
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It's Just a Fantasy

If you have a good one, here is where to share it. No novels here, please. If you have something long you have written and want to link to it, then do an outline and post the link, please. Ask us if you need a place to upload your writings.

  • 70 Topics
  • 244 Replies
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Flames, complaints and gripes

Oh my! If you have something to shout about, do it here. If you do it elsewhere it will probably be deleted. Be careful about making personal attacks, though. We have feelings, ya know.

  • 32 Topics
  • 225 Replies
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The URL Exchange

Have you found a great site that you want to share? Whether is is hot fashions, amazing photography, or a great site with kinky BDSM toys, post the URL here for everyone. file sharing links, please.

  • 119 Topics
  • 432 Replies
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The Lifestyle and your real life

What do you do when you have kids around the house, or your mother in law lives with you? How do your religious beliefs fit into your Lifestyle pursuits. How can you disagree with your Dominant? How can we learn to forgive and forget? Talk about these and other related topics here.

  • 50 Topics
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Cottage Industry

Talk about the toys you make at home. Also a good place to talk about new uses for common items.....referred to as "Pervertibles" by our friend, Raymond.

  • 17 Topics
  • 114 Replies