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In the night In the darkness a stranger enters your room

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Posted 05 October 2008 - 10:07 PM

I didn't write this, my from a long time ago did. She was a really good writer and i thought it would be nice to share it.

You lie in bed in your darkened room trying to sleep. You toss and turn, unable to drift off. You just can’t sleep, not even in your clean satin sheets and fresh white nightie. You feel a sudden cold breeze. Didn’t you close the window? You turn to look at your window, but before you can turn all the way, a hand grabs you from behind. Another hand grips your head and forces you to stare into your pillow, no letting you see who is behind you. The surprise overwhelms you. You want to cry out, to struggle, but you are caught so off guard, that you cannot react.

The man (you are sure it is a man) strokes your hair with one hand as he holds your hands behind your back with the other. He withdraws his hand from your hair and you hear a soft clink behind you. Then you feel the soft inside of shackles being placed on your wrists. This time you cry out, “No! Who are you what do you want?” Your arms are stretched out and held in place by the shackles fixed to your bedposts. Wait a minute, these are your shackles. How did he know where they were? Then you feel your ankles becoming enclosed in restraints. You try to fight, kicking and starting to scream, but he is too strong. You feel your legs lock into place and you know that you cannot move. These are your personal restraints and you know firsthand that they are inescapable.

The stranger strokes your hair again, this time you feel something different. His cock is pressed against your ass. His pants are off and your nightie is lifted just enough. He reaches a hand down and rubs your clit. You are surprised that you are wet. You didn’t notice until now, when his fingers started to gently stroke you. “Who?” you mutter, still confused. You feel your pussy opening up to his touch, your skin getting wetter with each slow stroke on your clit

His weight shifts and he lifts up your waist. You know what’s coming and you both fear and desire it. His cock splits your pussy and slides gently into you. You gasp unexpectedly at his gentleness. He slides in and out of you, gently, tenderly. You bite your lip and stifle a moan. “Do I…” you want to finish the question, but you suck in a deep breath as he pushes deeper into you.

You pull at your restraints, testing them. You long to turn, to see who this man is, but you are strapped into place. A tingle shoots through you, erasing your thoughts of escape. You tighten your legs as pleasure builds in you. Is this real? Is a man really here doing this and are you actually enjoying it? “YES!” you want to cry out, but instead you just moan.

You feel the mounting pleasure. He is shoving into you hard now, his balls smacking into your clit. His grip on your hips is firm as he pants behind you, fucking you harder. You grip the strap of your shackles, not to escape, but because you must grip something. You know what is coming now.

He pounds into you and you lift your hips, allowing the deepest penetration yet. He pushes harder and faster and you feed off of his energy, the excitement peaking inside you. You quiver and cry out again as a tingling surge flows through you from your soaking, warm pussy. You cum hard and he thrusts into you and you cry out again and again. He still pounds into you as your orgasm subsides. You feel him shake as he pushes harder and harder. “No” you say. “Not in me.” You feel scared again as the idea of a stranger cumming inside of you occurs.

He shudders again. “No,” you barely whisper this time. Then he withdraws quickly and releases your hips. You hear him gasp and suddenly a hot load of cum splashes onto your ass. You feel his cum drip down your thigh as he breathes heavily. Then the straps loosen and you feel your restraints go slack. “You do know me,” he says “and you will forever wonder who I am.” You turn to look at him, but he is already gone.

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Posted 06 October 2008 - 08:07 AM

Great story!

M. Dale
Be careful of what you wish for....Posted Image just might get it.

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Posted 10 October 2008 - 12:02 PM


Thanks, Mieko! If I wasn't awake before I definitely am now.

The little fantasy escape was appreciated. Thank goodness I just came back from visiting my boy or I'd be desperately trying to find my clamps. haahaa


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