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Home from work Just a little story I wrote

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Posted 24 June 2007 - 10:20 AM

"What do you think you're doing?" he asked her in a not so nice voice.

She knew by his tone that she was in trouble. She dropped the basket of laundry she was carrying to the bedroom when he walked through the door.

"I-I-I'm sorry honey." she stammered. "I knew they were supposed to be put up before you came home but I just lost track of time."

He walked over and lifted a white dress shirt from the basket. "How do you expect me to wear this to my meeting tonight?" he asked in a low voice. A voice that had both disappointment and anger in it.

She dropped her head and looked up at him with eyes that were filling with tears. He caught the quick smile she let slip though. She knew what was coming. That's why she hadn't done what he had told her. She was looking forward to her punishment as much as he was looking forward to giving it to her.

He grabbed a handful of her hair and half pulled, half kept her from running to the couch. She tried not to be to eager and beat him there as she loved this cat and mouse game they played. He stood there, holding onto her as he undid his belt and pulled it off in one fluid motion. She was dressed in only bra and panties so he dropped the belt and with one quick tug, ripped off her panties and looked at her bare ass. She gasped as he reached down and took a handful of her right cheek and squeezed it.

"Alright dammit, you're going to pay for not having my shirts hung up properly!" he growled at her.

He let go of her hair and grabbed her around the waist. She half fell, half jumped across his lap in anticipation. Leaning over her he took ahold of the end of the belt, the buckle biting into his hand as he got a firm grip on it. Taking his other hand and holding the back of her neck down, he thought he heard a faint moan of.... pleasure? as he trailed the loose end of the belt up her leg.

CRACK! The belt landed across her ass. She jumped because although she knew it was coming, she had no idea when or where the strike would be made. After the initial sting she relaxed a bit and smiled as she got ready for the next one. CRACK! The belt landed again, a bit lower on her ass than the first one. He grinned as the red welts stood out across her tanned bottom. He put the belt down and gently slid a fingertip around the edges of the marks. He heard her whimper softly at his touch. He relaxed the arm holding her neck and rubbed the muscles there. He could tell she was getting a bit too relaxed when her head dropped a bit and she sighed in contentment.

CRACK! His hand landed firmly across one ass cheek. That got more of a response from her. She moaned loudly, and he thought he caught the scent of her. Not sweat, but the scent a woman puts off when she is getting aroused. That made him smile and he slid his hand down between her legs, barely touching her shaved pussy lips. Yes, he could feel the dampness seeping from her. His cock, already rising from her squirming across his lap, was now hard as steel. He knew she could feel it poking her through his pants. As his finger against her pussy got wetter from her juices, she tried to push back against it.

CRACK! His hand landed again on her other ass cheek. he leaned low, his breath cool in her ear. "Seems like you are liking this punishment, my princess." he growled. The sound of his voice, that commanding tone, the presence of his body. She was so turned on that she was willing to do anything for him. "I think I need to find another form of punishment for you!"

The moan that came from her as his nails raked down her back was pure pleasure for his ears. She arched and he let her, because the final act was coming soon. He wanted, no NEEDED to feel the pleasure course through her body. He had to HEAR the pleasure escape from her lips. He helped her to a sitting position on his lap and then seeing the nail tracks on her back, he slowly slid his tongue down them.

He ripped open his shirt, not caring about the buttons on it. He wrapped his arms around her and cupped her breasts. Pulling her back to him he let the welts on her back be soothed by his cool skin. Softly kissing her shoulders and neck he massaged her hard nipples. She started breating heavily and whimpering, her hips slightly moving on his lap. She thought she was doing it lightly enough that he couldn't tell. She was wrong.
He moved his hands on her breasts and squeezed. The groan of pleasure/pain that come from her and the way she bucked her pussy and ass on his crotch almost made him cum right then and there. He held her in that position and let her move against him. He couldn't take this much longer though. Letting go, he had to catch her as she relaxed after being released from his grip. He whispered in her ear "I love you, my princess."

Sliding a had down her belly, he easily found a willing entrance as he reached the top of her drenched pussy. Sliding one finger in he roughly brushed against her hard clit. She half turned and laid down across his lap, giving him access to her pussy as one foot was planted on the floor and the other over the back of the couch. He slid a finger deep inside her and held it there, letting her move against it. Her hips slowly moving up and down. His other hand was caressing the nipple of her left breast, the sensation sending a jolt of electricity to her clit. He reached behind her neck and pulled her up enough to firmly kiss her as he slid another finger into her.

She looked him deep in the eye, grinning in pleasure. "Harder!" She moaned.

He withdrew his hand from her wetness, slowly laid her back down and brushed his hand across her stomach.
"Are you sure you want this?" he asked, an evil gleam in his eye. He got her answer when she moaned and thrust her hips up at him.

Suddenly he jammed 3 fingers into her wet twat. The ease of their entry was no suprise to him, he knew how wet she could get. He brought his other hand down and with a steady pressure, made little circles around her clit. Keeping both hands in the same time he used two finger to caress her clit and the other hand's fingers were sliding in and out of her. Her back arched more and more as she got closer to the edge. He could sense when she was about to cum and had a suprise that would make her orgasm that much stronger. Her breathing and the moans of pleasure escaping her lips told him now was the time. Withdrawing the fingers from her pussy he easily slid two of them deep into her ass as her orgasm started.

"OH MY... JESUS FUCKING.... OH FUCK.... UHHHHHHHHHHHHHGGGGGGGGGGGGGG!" was all he could hear as her body shook with pleasure. The fingers on her clit, the fingers in her ass, and the pain she had been put through earlier all made her orgasm one of the strongest she had had yet. As her hips slowed thier movement and finally stopped, he lifted her gently to where she was sitting on his lap. Her head resting against his shoulder, he listened to her breathing. He gently rubbed her body wherever he could reach, soothing her. They sat like that for 10 minutes while she calmed down and she regained her strength.
As she climbed off of his lap to go clean up, she kissed him softly.

"By the way, my love. I ummm, forgot to cook supper too." She grinned as she trotted off to the bathroom, looking behind to see him picking up the belt and coming after her.

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Posted 24 June 2007 - 09:06 PM

Nicely written erotica, Fucker. Thanks! I hope you write more.

M. Dale
Be careful of what you wish for....Posted Image just might get it.

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Posted 03 October 2008 - 11:00 PM

Wow, I'm surprised at how many of you are so talented at writing. You did a really good job of setting the tension and the mood. Not to mention to give me a few idea.

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Posted 10 October 2008 - 12:31 PM

Niiiiice. What a naughty sub! Sheesh...

Oh what am I talking about. I'd like bratty and mischievous.

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